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She was surprised that the words came so easily and it made her see that she needed to explore this further so she has written it all down in a book called .What that talk did was make her realize that she had lived with these feelings inside of her with no one to share them with.Randy Pausch was never a particularly religious man, and when they diagnosed his final cancer, he joked that his only "death-bed conversion" would be to exchange his PC for a new Apple Mac.Yet the computer science professor realised an extraordinary ability to convert others, becoming what he called a "media-based inspirer" who helped millions appreciate the briefness and sanctity of life.The source of Pausch's accidental fame was a "last lecture" delivered to 450 colleagues and students at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, on 18 September 2007, shortly after being told, at the age of 47, that a tumour in his liver had grown, multiplied, and spread to his spleen, leaving him just a few months to live.In a remarkable 75-minute performance, Pausch described his life and career, and explained how he had attempted to realise half a dozen childhood dreams, which ranged from experiencing zero gravity to appearing in Star Trek.Randy had pancreatic cancer and was dying, and he held a lecture at Carnegie Mellon called and was featured in Time and Newsweek magazine.

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Here was an ordinary guy, with an energetic demeanour, who had found himself in appalling circumstances, and resolved to make the best of it.

The popularity of his lecture also led him to author a book of the same name which went on to become a best-seller.

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She was surprised to learn that she wasn’t the only one going through this experience, there were others who were looking for a network. It’s okay for me to be happy,” and the kids are doing remarkably well.

Randy Pausch did "not go gentle into that good night," to quote from poet Dylan Thomas. Yet, in Pausch's case, people across academic disciplines and representing many causes offer differing theories about the way he made an impact on the world.


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