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Michel Gondry's wildly inventive and sweetly comic celebration of friendship joins two teenage misfits—Microbe, an artist, and Gasoline, a mechanic—on an unconventional road trip through the French countryside in a homemade house on wheels.

Daniel is an artist, plagued by existential crises, lovelorn and lonely.

In The White Stripes' The Hardest Button to Button, every pounding beat moved drummer Meg White farther along the street at the head of an expanding procession of red drum kits.

Gondry's place in the pop-culture pantheon was sealed when the gimmick was parodied on The Simpsons.

I wanted to do something really personal, including memories of my teenage years. for 15 years, back and forth — my brain memorized all these adult dynamics in English.

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Subtitled in English, "Détour" runs about 12 minutes and follows "the adventures of a small tricycle as it sets off along French roads in search of its young owner." Watch it, then ask yourself, was this really not made with a traditional camera? “By this time, I feel that there is not enough room for me to be creative or to feel connected to the character and the story,” he added, in relation to Green Hornet. It’s hard to fall in love with the big movies, expensive movies, where you go on board and the script is already quite advanced,” he said.Although I don’t feel I was put aside.” Gondry had also worked on an earlier attempt to bring ) on the project at that stage.However, “after one month working with it and having done drawings and so on, the executive of the studio, that was Universal at the time, just said they had shelved the project…These two outsider teens form an immediate bond when Theo transfers to Daniel's school, and soon spend their time daydreaming of ways to cement their individuality and achieve ultimate freedom from their stuffy classmates and eccentric families.


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