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and she’s sharing her thoughts and opinions and her clear support for Hilary Clinton, by calling Donald Trump a “bafoon,” in one episode.Some of her co-stars aka Bethenny Frankel get sick of Carole constantly talking about politics, but it seems like it’s only going to get worse as election day approaches!Her life lessons were gathered from the stern Austrian stoicism of her mother’s family and the happy lunacy of her father’s.She came from a place that few people left, and struck out for New York City to find a different life.There were some parties that she was maybe invited then disinvited then invited then disinvited, and that did not sit well with her,” Carole teased about the course her friendship with Ramona may take this season.

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Is that the trouble the game refers to because even Teigen didn't really know what was going on with the game they acquired.Even if you’re reading or you’re reading online stuff, it’s just you don’t know as much as someone who’s really invested in it,” she explained. There’s also a moment in the Season 9 supertease where Ramona tells Carole, “You’re not my friend anymore.” “This year we took a little turn for the worse because, I think, she was not happy with my political stance.And she either didn’t want to talk about it or she did want to talk about it.Carole Radziwill, who just published her first novel, will spend the season promoting her book.And after breaking up with boyfriend Russ Irwin, she's also apparently dating!Other housewives include Kelly Killoren Bensimon (seasons 2–4), Cindy Barshop (season 4), Aviva Drescher (seasons 5–6), Heather Thomson (seasons 5–7), Kristen Taekman (seasons 6–7), and Jules Wainstein (season 8).


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