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There’s a rail yard crowded with static freight trains.

All around me, old men drive golf carts styled to look like German luxury automobiles or that have tinted windows and enclosures to guard against the morning chill, along a wide, paved cart path.

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The Residences at Rabbit Run Creek, in Solebury Township, Bucks County, will be within walking distance of downtown New Hope, built on a 23-acre tract of second-growth forest Scannapieco bought when he saw how well nearby Waterview, his first ground-up project, went over with affluent buyers - many of whom already had two or three houses elsewhere.Seventy miles northwest of Orlando International Airport, amid the sprawling, flat central Florida nothingness — past all of those billboards for Jesus and unborn fetuses and boiled peanuts and gator meat — springs up a town called Wildwood. Acres of palmetto, hummock, and pine forest clear-cut and covered with vivid sod. What was once rolling pasture land has been leveled with clay and sand. And then, suddenly, unexpectedly, Wildwood’s drabness explodes into green Southern splendor: majestic oaks bearing spindly fronds of Spanish moss that hang down almost to the ground. A community center with a playground overgrown by weeds. This area used to be the very center of Florida’s now fast-disappearing cattle industry. The owners of a dingy single-wide proudly fly the stars and bars.At 93.12 percent, "the discount rate is not great," he says, referring to list price vs. Yet "the highest-end houses have seen the largest increase in sale prices overall in the last couple of years," he adds.


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