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You will not have to create the graphic as these will be provided, you are only responsible for development and integration. Site Pages/Functions: Search Results Search Register Details Register/Login Popup Profile Account Mail Conversation Popup Site Safety Terms & Conditions About Us User management Bulk Picture Approval Reported User Management Ad Management Please See attached documents and screenshots for more detail. [If you don’t see that video, here’s a link to it.] The most wonderful thing about this is that most everything we need is already available to us – and most of it is free.Word Press – well, you knew I wasn’t going to suggest buying some PHP script that is out there for you to download, right?

I was giving him a way to make a lot more money than just designing a nice theme. And now I thought I would share it with you (in the video below).

In fact, for the price of some of those scripts, you’ll be able to purchase everything you need.

Because, if you didn’t know it, Word Press is free.

Looking for someone who will provide a robust, bug free and high performance solution.

You must have good communication skills and be able to read a specifications document for the site requirements.


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